September 2016 News

A Lotta Bull

By Jay Jimenez

August 20th was a beautiful Saturday morning, just perfect for a Jeep run in the mountains. So, after a great breakfast at Thelma’s, I high-tailed it to the Big Bear Discovery Center to meet up with members and guests and prepare for my first time leading a run on the John Bull trail.

When I arrived I found Ray Moore and daughter Nancy already there. Slowly folks started showing up and socializing. When roll out time came we were notably short our designated tail gunners, Mike and Carol Kelly. They were getting gassed up and were there shortly.

At the drivers’ meeting I found out that neither member Ray Moore nor perennial guest Mark Kelly had ever run John Bull before. Geez, as if I wasn’t already nervous enough…

We got moving about 9:30am and formed up at the dump on 3N16 where we aired down and began our journey. We pulled onto 3N02 for our suspension warm-up on “Little John Bull” and then onto 3N10 to the gate keeper.

Well now it was time for our obligatory wait as a group of vehicles ahead of us bumped and banged their way through the boulder field.

When it was our turn I immediately headed to the left side of the draw as usual only to be warned that “there’s no way in hell to get through on that side”… crap! Big thanks to Paul Coursey who had been watching intently and had the line all figured out. He spotted me through with little trouble and the rest of the group followed suit. The midsection was not too bad so we made decent time until we reached the top section. Uhg! Again I tried to go left side but upon closer inspection there were 4 foot deep trenches between the rocks I planned on crawling over. One of guys from the group ahead of us walked back to see if he could throw a “few” rocks in the holes he dug. Meanwhile Tim Thomas had sauntered up to investigate. He thought the right side would work if we stayed exactly in the center of each of the major boulders and climbed slowly through. So, he spotted for me and I returned the favor and then once we cleared the trail; we went back to help the rest of the crew. Now it was definitely time for lunch! Our usual spot was occupied so we pressed on until we found a nice clearing to enjoy our food and some much needed R&R. After lunch we knocked out the rest of the trail right up to the very end when I got stuck and turtled the front end. After spitting dirt and rocks for awhile, Paul came to the rescue. He spotted me through and a few others before we headed on out to air up and say our goodbyes. No, no that’s not the end. As is the custom, some of us met at the Mentone A and W for a post trail-ride debriefing over root beer floats. Now that’s the way to end a run… 😉 jj


August concluded our meetings in the park.

For the next two months we will be having the meeting at member’s homes.

In September we will meet at Mike and Carol Kelly’s and have a Mexican themed potluck. The Kellys will be supplyong the meat. If you plan on attending please let Carol know what you will bring.

In October we will be meeting at Ray and Leanne Moore’s. We will also be planning the trips for 2017 that night.


Premier Jeep has a new meeting room which can accommodate 12-14. We should probably plan on meeting there in November.


Club dues of $20 and CORVA of $30 are due by the end of October.

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