November 2016 News


By Ray Moore

The Kelley’s and Moore’s camped at Slash-X on Friday and battled the wind most of the day. Saturday morning, around 9:00 we received messages that Dennis Sullivan, Rick Schaffer and Anita, and Paul Coursey, were on their way.

Dennis pulled in driving his newly lifted Jeep and was ready to give it a test on the trails. Paul and Rick arrived slightly after him and around 10:00 we headed to the trails. Paul led the run which started on Stoddard Wells Road which had many dips and bumps on our way to Power Line road. A lot of the beginning part of the road was really wash boarded by all the side-by-sides and bikes that don’t think about slowing down.

We finally got out of the dips and were confronted with rocks, rocks and more rocks. We climbed several nice inclines and as expected once we went up we had to go back down the other side. Trying to stay out of the racers way, we ended up in the hills behind the outlet center. On the return to the camp, Paul actually found the entrance to the gate keeper he was looking for at the beginning and we decided that we had done the back end of the trail and would leave the front half for another day. We made a u-turn and headed back towards camp for lunch.

Dennis and Rick had to leave and Paul, Kelley’s and Moore’s headed out toward the hills with the intent of exploring some new trails. After climbs up and down several hills we were confronted with a dead end and needed to make a turn around. I thought I would go down one path, from our view point it looked like the beginning was easy but several large boulders blocked the way near the end of the trail. Once I got started I had no means of turning around and Paul was correct in his statement about there being some large boulders in the way. I made my way through but banged around several times and told the others to come down the original path.

After several more up and down hills and rocks we headed back to Highway 247 to complete the afternoon and weekend of trails.

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