June 2017 News

Jon Rice / Miller Trail

by Paul Coursey

The Jon Rice Jeep Trail this year continued the string of runs with terrific weather. We started out with five club member rigs and we acquired a guest for the trail run. His name was Sean and his fiancé was Megan. They had heard about the run over the internet and they live in Santa Clarita.

After the drivers meeting we convoyed to the trailhead where we caught up to a group of Toyota’s starting up the trail. All six of us aired down then watched as the circus proceeded up the trail. I doubt if any had lockers and one pick-up was 2wd and had to be strapped up the hill. Luckily they were only going as far as Yellow Jacket Trail.

It was our turn now so off we went. I thought the trail would be torn up, but luckily it wasn’t too bad. I was halfway up when over the radio Dale gave a shout out that her lockers would not respond to her wishes, so she decided not to make the run. She and her niece Gale turned around and went back to the Pine Mountain Resort and would meet us for pizza after the run. Now down to five jeeps, the Coursey’s, Ray Moore and his daughter Nancy, Doug Francisco and his father Rich, Dennis Sullivan with Ric Jones riding shotgun in the JK. Also along were our visitors Sean and Megan. Doug and our visitor did not have lockers so they were strategically placed in our group in case they needed assistance but none was required.

The trip on the trail was moving along smoothly until just before we went down to Lockwood Creek, when our Leader had a case of “Location Ambiguity” as to the trail being correct. We circled the GPS and flipped a coin and proceeded down the trail. After lunch, at the shaded creek (Lockwood Creek), we mounted our assault of Jon Rice Trail. Jon knew we were coming because the ruts were filled with rocks, which made it not easy but interesting for those without lockers.

At the top we paused for a 10-100 and to take assessment of our jeeps. Between the fire and the Bark Beetle, most of the trees are down and the place looks very barren.

On the way down Alamo, Sean sliced a tire but Doug helped switch out the spare and had him going in no time.

We met Dale and Gale at Flying J and then went for pizza. Good pizza, but it took about an hour for all of us to get served.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.


It’s once again that time of year to combine a food fest with our monthly meeting at Bolivar Park in Lakewood. We do this from June through September.

Carol Kelly reports the cabanas have been redone and await our arrivial.

Hope to see you there.

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