JUNE 2016 News


By Paul Coursey

The inaugural Jon Rice Jeep Trail was run on a clear, slightly breezy Saturday on May 21, 2016. Those present and witnesses were Dennis Sullivan accompanied with Ric Jones riding shot gun, Jay Jiminez and Marge, Dale Rice and her brother Bob, and led by Paul Coursey with his wife Debbie. Participants received a vehicle plaque commemorating the event provided by a friend of Jon’s, Randy Tidwell.

There has been a lot of maintenance on the trail since we ran it last, and the trail is in excellent shape. The ruts have been filled in with rocks, but not just little rocks. There are plenty of challenges still available with locker requirements. Most of the trees are still missing from the fire that ran through there several years ago, but things are green and the trail still provides a magnificent view of the valley below. We wheeled steady and smooth until we stopped for lunch at the river crossing. After a quick adjustment of Dale’s sway bar, we headed up to Alamo Mountain. Here we came across the most challenging of the obstacles along with larger rocks. This slowed us a bit, but only added to the enjoyment of the trail. Jones kept asking for a water truck and I told him it was on standby from above. The sky looked like rain, but nothing materialized. We made it to the top and headed for the gate out of Hungry Valley and back to Lockwood Valley to Mike’s Pizza Co. for an early dinner of pizza before the ride back home.

Overall it was a real good trail ride that I think Jon would have been pleased with. Hopefully this trail will be one way to keep Jon in our memories.


June marks the start of our annual summer meetings in the park. The meetings at Bolivar Park in Lakewood will continue through September.

We will start the season off with a potluck. Please let Carol Kelly know what you would like to bringing.

Hope to see you there.

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