July 2017 News


By Ric Jones

We met at McDonalds in Redlands for this ”close”, easy run. At just over an hour to our meeting location it has to be one of our closest. It was nice not having to drive for two hours to meet up.

We had nine jeeps for this run, six members and two guests. Our guests were Kyle Cox and his mom Annette, and Irv and Cathy Hunt. Our members were: Dennis Sullivan, Mike and Carol Kelly, Dale Rice, Bob Day and Sally Kinsey, Doug Francisco and his dad Rich, and Jay Jimenez was there with his friend Linda Cota. I obviously was there (more or less) and had my granddaughter Sophie along for her first off-road trip.

We left McDonalds around 9:00 and were off to the trail head just six miles away, where we aired down. Once everyone was ready we headed up 1N16, a new trail for the club. As we ascended we were afforded excellent views of the valley to the west, being able to see as far away as Saddleback.

About forty-five minutes into the run we picked up our local guide Bambi. Like on our pre-run she led us down the trail for several miles. She would run ahead then wait for us to catch up, finally disappearing into the brush.

We soon arrived at the intersection of 1N09 where we took a short break then headed east. Along 1N09 I saw something that I first thought was a tree branch in the road but turned out to be about a four foot long rattlesnake. After letting Sophie see it, we moved on. Doug was behind me and the snake must have decided he couldn’t get Doug’s jeep in it’s mouth so it slithered back into the bush. Surprisingly we have seen very few snakes on our runs.

We managed to find a great lunch site in the trees along the head waters of the Santa Ana river. There was even a little running water which Kyle and Annette enjoyed.

After lunch we picked up 1N67 to 1N57. Here we encountered a number of groups of 2-4 motorcycles which caused a lot of confusion at the back of the pack. On the CB I would say the number of bikes coming, but by the time the bikes made it to the end of our group, they had a hard time keeping track, so we had to stop for awhile to get everyone caught up.

We had several small water crossings along the route, the deepest about a foot. It was good to see so much of the area we went through was so green for this time of year.

We arrived at pavement at close to 2:00, and aired up. Once everyone was aired up we headed to Hwy 38 and down the mountain. Most of us stopped at the A&W in Mentone for a well deserved root beer float.

Thanks to all who attended and I hope you had a good time. I know Sophie and I did.

Where we went:



Our first meeting in the park went well. This time we had enough pizza for everyone.

The next meeting will not be until August, at which we will be BBQing burgers and dogs. Hope to see you there.


Since so many of the club members will be at Shaver Lake, we decided to cancel the July meeting. Hope to see you at the August meeting.


The recent Holcomb Valley fire went through the area around John Bull. At this point we have no idea if the trail will be open or not. Hopefully it will be by August.

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