August 2017 News

Shaver Lake 2017

by Paul Coursey

Need to get out of the heat and traffic? Head up to Shaver Lake, perfect weather, altitude and attitude. Jay Jimenez and girlfriend Linda and Ray and Leanne Moore arrived on Sunday. The rest of the crew came in on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was the rest and relaxation day so the Kellys took off for Yosemite Park for the day to take in the full and beautiful waterfalls. Mike & Carol’s son Mark came along and his girlfriend, Abril for her first time 4-wheeling and to see Yosemite Park.

Upon arrival I found Ray and Jay working on Jay’s Jeep. It wouldn’t move in 2wd. They were checking linkage and and all and couldn’t find anything wrong. I decided to get my $.02 in and crawled under it to take a look. After a couple of minutes I discovered it was missing the rear driveshaft! Could that be the problem? Somewhere between home and Shaver the drivshaft decided to relocate. Jay drove down to Fresno in 4wd high to got a new driveshaft built and picked it up the next day.

Wednesday morning we gathered up and went to explore Bald Mt. It was quite a while since my last visit so we hit a couple of side trails before we reached the top Lookout Tower that was refurbished with new decking and paint. We added a jeeper at camp who was camping next to us. His name was Rob and with him that made for seven rigs on the trail.

Since the trail was fresh on our mind, we decided to go for a night run to star gaze on Bald Mountain. We left camp after dinner and made it to the last 1/2 mile before dark, from there we hit the lights and proceeded to the top. After a half hour we saw enough stars and took off down the mountain until we were back at the top again. In the dark with those lights I couldn’t tell if we were going up or down (I blame my co-pilot and navigator, Tim, for the detour).

After breaking out the compass we took off again and made it down to the trailhead with no problems. I think that in the future I will pass on night runs.

Between wheeling and wrenching, Jay managed to bake a cake for Dennis’s birthday, and we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

Every night we had a delicious potluck, and I guarentee no one went to bed hungry.


By Ray Moore

Our destination for the day was Chicken Rock, the starting point for the Duzy Trail.

After some trailhead location ambiguity I relinquished the lead to Mark and Dennis who got us to Chicken Rock where we climbed to the top, then had lunch and returned to camp.

Mark Kelly, Mike & Carol Kelly, Dennis Sullivan, Tim Thomas, and Leanne and I.

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