April 2017 News

Calico – March 18, 2017

By Paul Coursey

Who knew Calico was in Ireland? The hills around Calico were ablaze with flowers and they were a bright emerald green in honor of St. Patrick. Not only were the plants green, but all of the rain and moisture turned the copper in the soil green.

There were 5 brave souls to challenge Odessa and Doran Canyons this year. Last year we traveled the canyons in October. There was a lot of traffic in that month so we tried it in March this year. What are the odds that we would follow behind the same group from Santa Clarita again. That’s what happened so I went out and bought a lottery ticket. The five vehicles that traveled were the Kellys, Courseys, Moores, Tim Thomas and his friend Ben along with his daughter Emily, and Dale Rice. Doug Francisco rode with Dale and found out that his jeep is not quite ready for this run. Wait ’till next year.

Up the first waterfall we went and we all scratched and clawed our way up except Dale, who crawled up smooth looking like she’s done it a hundred times. Next was the black top pass – no incidents, all tops still unscathed. The Cliff hanger was our next challenge. Everyone followed the spotter’s directions successfully, no problems.

Now it was time to relax and have lunch where shade was obtained by Paul at no extra charge. We ate in the entrance to Bismark Mine where it was about 15 – 20 degrees cooler.

After lunch we started down Doran Canyon. We got to the waterfall and met a group coming up. One jeeper of the group didn’t make it and had to be winched up. Seems like he broke an axle (Dana 35) so they strapped him all the way to Bismark Mine and brought a trailer out to take him home. Down the waterfall we went and to the gate keeper where I saw my first jeep successfully make it through under it’s own power.

We made it out of the Canyon at around 3:00pm and to the new Dairy Queen for ice-cream. The DQ is in the new Shell Station on the corner of Calico Rd. and Frontage Rd. The new meeting point for next year.

You couldn’t ask for better weather. We should make March the month for the run from now on.


We had our first meeting at Super Mex restaurant and it worked out well. So, unless there becomes a problem or we find a better place to meet, we will be meeting there.

Hope to see you there.

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